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BeeLive - The absolute tool for any beekeeper

About BeeLive

BeeLive, a beekeeper's decision making and social networking tool based on GNSS-enabled devices, satellite data and the beekeepers' community.

Location is the most important factor that may significantly affect the beekeeper’s yield, or even the beehives’ health, and it can be researched, assessed and selected based on objective and measurable criteria. Before satellite data became available, any location decision was - to a degree - subjective since accurate and measurable spatial data were hard and expensive to acquire. Galileo positioning system in conjunction with Copernicus satellite program, advanced analytics and machine learning will make the difference.

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The beekeepers will benefit from BeeLive as in the following:

  • They will be able to make rational decisions about apiary installation.
  • Operating costs may be significantly reduced due to calculated decisions.
  • Location of desired vegetation (e.g. flowers, pine, oak, etc.) will be easier to discover instead of hearsay or costly searches around the country.
  • Safe placement in permitted areas (distance from roads/residential areas/schools).
  • Real-time notifications on weather conditions or events in the area.
  • Utilization of historical data to discover long-term profitable locations.
  • In periods of lockdowns (e.g. Covid-19), one may monitor apiaries, remotely through the app with real-time data, as well as connect with fellow beekeepers.
  • Establishment of a community of beekeepers which will contribute to the strengthening of the apiculture industry and the transition from amateur beekeeping to smart beekeeping.

GNSS location
Galileo, GPS etc
satelite data
Smart devices
Mobile, wearables, trackers
of beekeepers

What the app will be about?

BeeLive, a beekeeper's decision making and social networking tool based on GNSS-enabled devices (e.g. smartphones, trackers, wearables etc.), satellite data and the beekeepers' community.
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